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Conference papers

1) Bui M.T., Lu L. and Nie L. (2020). Sensitive analysis of the SWAT model to spatial distribution of precipitation in prediction of streamflow in the Arctic watershed: a case study in Målselv river basin, north of Norway. 10th International Conference on Future Environment and Energy, 7-9 January 2020. Kyoto, Japan.

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Invited presentations

1) The Role of Green Roofs and Facades in developing Green Oslo and Adaptation to Urbanization and Climate Change Impacts. International Symposium on Urban Drainage Systems, Ningbo, Zhejiang Providence, China, 17-19.10.2019 (SUD 2019).

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Technical reports


PhD. Theses

  1. Linmei Nie. Flooding Analysis of Urban Drainage Systems, 2004.
  2. Pingju Li. An Experimental Investigation of Velocity Distribution and Head Loss of Oscillatory Flow in a Rectangular Duct with Sand Roughness. PhD-thesis 2004.

Master Theses