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Rainwater harvesting and Stormwater Management Research and Innovation Forum

CET 09:00-12:00, 11th November 2021

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In collaboration with IWA/IAHR Rainwater Harvesting Specialist Working Groups

About the webinar

Rainwater collected in lakes and reservoirs has been the main source for water supply in many countries. However, rainwater in cities, also called stormwater, was treated as “waste” in past engineering practices, was thus drained away from urban areas by the designed urban drainage systems. Climate change has caused more frequent extreme rainfall events, increasing consequences of flood damages and pollution caused by combined sewer overflow discharges (CSOs). There is also an increased experience of drought and water shortage in some periods. To minimize the negative impacts, it is essential to treat the stormwater locally through a range of BlueGreen solutions for urban stormwater management in terms of flood mitigation, pollution control, and harvesting the rainwater or greywater for different purposes.

A new paradigm of rainwater is proposed, which is to collect rainwater and use it for potable and non-portable purposes, instead of just draining it away. The webinar was initiated under such a background. It is designed to be a Research and Innovation platform for researchers, industrial companies, public and private actors and universities. Experts from different countries in the world were invited to share the latest research and innovation experience in Rainwater harvesting and Stormwater Management.

The objectives of this webinar

• Learning from international experience on RWH-SWM.
• Promote RWH in Norway and internationally, adapt to climate change, while transfer the rainwater from problems to resources for multi-purposes.
• Establish a communication platform for research and innovation on RWH and SWM between researchers, industry partners and city managers
• Enhance international collaboration

Agenda, CET 09:00-12:00, 11TH November 2021

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Moderators: Dr. Linmei Nie (CSDI WaterTech) and Britt Viljugrein (Vannklyngrn-SWN), Norway.

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