CSDI board members visited IWHR, China

CSDI board member, Prof. Mojtaba Moatamed and Dr. Linmei Nie visited IWHR under the guide of Prof. Zhiheng Sun 01 April 2017.

Dr. Yue Xu, Deputy Manager of Beijing Ke-Hai-Li High-Tech Co. LTD, Dept. of Material and Structures, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower (IWHR) opened the seminar and introduced the main R&D and project areas. Profession Moatamed introduced the advanced Multiphysics models and demonstrated its industrial application in several fields.  After the seminar discussion, Prof. Moatamed and Dr. Nie visited the material laboratory of IWHR under the guide of Prof. Sun, his colleagues and Master students.

Fig.1 Dr. Xu Yue introduced Beijing Ke-Hai-Li High-Tech Co. LTD, IWHR.


Fig.2 Prof. Moatamed introduced the advanced 3D CFD model and its industrial applications.


Fig 3. Prof. Sun and his colleagues introduced different material testing equipment devices and major functions.

Fig.4 The guests and host are satisfied with this fruitful visiting and expect a long term collaboration.