Enhance Rainwater Harvesting and Innovative wastewater management in Norway


Storm Aqua is part of the Skjæveland Group. Storm Aqua develops technology and innovative solutions and services for sustainable stormwater management (SWM). The solutions are both nature-based and technical ones that can be tailormade to a specific project. The services are covering the whole building process. Storm Aqua wish to promote water as a very valuable resource. Therefore, new solutions have been developed for Rainwater Harvesting and the first two installations have been made. The Skjæveland Group is an industry partner in the research programme Klima 20502. During the past five years, Storm Aqua has organised an annual conference called Klimatilpasningsdagene, where the focus is on cross-functional collaboration. Storm Aqua has an ambition to play an important role in developing and implementing RWH solutions in Norway.

Collaboration with other partners in the project, aiming to increase the social and environmental impacts and to collaborate in future H2020, HE or other RI projects. Contact: Per Møller-Pedersen, Managing director.