New Year’s Letter 2018-2019

New Year’s Letter 2018-2019


Dear CSDI colleagues, collaboration and network partners,

Thanks for your support, hard working and collaboration in 2018. Looking back on the past year,

  1. We contributed to several EU project proposals and proposals to Sino-Norwegian collaboration under the topic areas of adaptation to climate change, sustainable management of water resources, restoration of urban ecosystems by implementation of natural based solutions and improved and efficient wastewater treatment systems, e.g.
    1. RAINBOW to H2020 SC5-13-2018: Strengthening international cooperation on sustainable urbanisation: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems.
    2. SWATT to H2020 SC5-12-2018: EU-India water cooperation.
    3. RainSolutions to Water JPI Call 2018: Closing the Water Cycle Gap – Sustainable Management of Water Resources.
    4. EcoDragen to the joint Sino-Norwegian researcher projects on integrated multi-stressor impacts on ecosystem.
  2. We organised and participated several high-level seminars toward adaptation to climate change and water pollution control through implementation of natural based solutions in Norway and China.
  3. We strengthened our collaboration with industrial partners, in particular with SMEs through collaboration with EU innovation centres and soft landing zones in China, Smart Water Norway, Oslo International Hub, intelligent entrepreneur bases in Norway and China.
  4. We worked independently and collaborated to scientific publications to increase the scientific value and social impacts of our technologies.

Looking forward to 2019, working on sustainable and environmental friendly Grey-Green or Natural Based Solutions will continue being our focal areas for technology development; meanwhile, bridging and strengthening bilateral collaboration between Norway, EU with China for research, innovation and commercialization of the technologies will be our short-and long term strategies.

We wish all of you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Linmei Nie, Managing Director, CSDI WaterTech
On behalf of CSDI board.

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