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Water is indispensable resource for life, food production, commercial and economic development and preservation of the environment and ecosystem services. Too little, too much, too dirty and non-liveable water will cause danger for the safety and quality of people’s lives, environment and ecosystem services and biodiversity. In addition, water is also an important source of clean and renewable energy. Hydropower is so far the only “green battery” to balance the intermittent renewable energy types and make the grid system stable and reliable. Therefore, our focal activities will be on Water-Energy-Environment nexus, contribution to the UN’s Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

Focal areas (click to view details):

  • Integrated stormwater management.
  • Hydropower and renewable energy
  • Water environmental technologies and ecosystem services
  • Rehabilitation and repairing of concrete hydraulic structure failures
  • Data, digitalization, and multi-physics modelling

Stormwater management

  • Urban hydrology
  • Hydrological and hydraulic models
  • Flood Risk analysis and management
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment of climate change and urbanization impacts
  • Sustainable Blue-Green solutions and reuse of water resources: LIDs, BGs, Rainwater Harvesting (RWH), natural based solutions (NBSs)

Our leading scientist: Linmei Nie

Team members: PhD candidate Mihn Tuan Bui

Hydropower and Renewable energy

  • Hydrological modelling
  • Hydropower and climate
  • Hydropower and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Hydropower as a “green battery” for balancing the intermittent renewable energy (such as wind, solar power).
  • Advanced Hydro turbine design
  • Products driven by Solar energy (in collaboration with BBIC)

Leading expert: Professor Ånund Killingtveit.

Team members: Dr. Pingju Li.  Dr. Qian Meng.

Water environment technology and ecosystem services

  • Water quality and pollution control
  • Eco-hydrology and Eco-hydraulics
  • Assessment of river habitats
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of urban water systems
  • River basin management
  • Cultural environment and sustainability

Leading scientist: Professor Dr. Jinmei LU

Team members: Dr. Tong Chang.

Rehabilitation and repairing concrete hydraulic structure failures

  • SK Polyurea materials
  • Laboratory testing
  • Rehabilitation and repairing of hydraulic and hydropower and other type of concrete structures.
  • Application and demonstration projects.

Leading expert: Prof. Zhiheng Sun; Dr. Svein Willy Danielsen.

Team member: Quansheng Sheng

Data, digitalization and multi-physics modelling

  • Data acquisition, assimilation, and management
  • Big data, machine learning and advanced analysis
  • Multi-physics modelling
  • Materials and structures modelling to water damage
  • Water disaster modelling
  • CFD, FEA & FSI

Leading expert: Dr. Pingju Li

Team members: Dr. Qian Meng, Dr. Hao Wang.

PhD Candidate: Minh Tuan Bui and Sujan Maharjan


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Have you ever imagined the impact of Wastewater from factories?

Waste2Fresh is bringing exciting and ground-breaking innovative solutions specifically to the textile manufacturing process to target the ever-growing sustainability concerns within the industry.

Horizon 2020 project, Waste2Fresh is addressing freshwater resource scarcity and industrial water pollution by bringing together the leading textile manufacturing companies and relevant SMEs across Europe, as well as supporting Industry Innovation and Research and Technology Organisations.

The Waste2Fresh system will integrate novel catalytic degradation approaches with highly selective separation and extraction techniques to deliver a closed loop system that assures near-zero discharge, reduce current use of freshwater resources and increase the recovery of water, energy and other resources, including organics, salts and heavy metals. The system will therefore increase resource and water efficiency and ultimately lead to considerable environmental gains weighted against EU and global environmental footprints.

  • DISCO, 2020 – 2021.
  • RainSolutions, 2019
  • Zhaotong Urban Flood Risk Management System, 2017-2018
  • ClimaVA, 2015-2016
  • FutureHydro, 2013-2015
  • Previous projects

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  • Facilitate the participation in European, Norwegian and Chinese research & innovation projects and networks
  • Bridging the partnership and contacts with potential customers and partners in China, Norway and Europe, and mutual visiting
  • Support research, marketing and business development language assistance, including English, Norwegian and Chinese
  • Organise relevant training courses and events

Career development

Jobs & Career

We are looking for a candidate who has experience in Rainwater Harvesting, education in urban water system, stormwater management, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, implementation of LID or Green Infrastructure solutions, Master or PhD degree, preferably with consulting or practical experience in these areas.

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Master &PhD students

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