Professor Zhiheng SUN visited CSDI

Professor Zhiheng SUN from China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) visited CSDI during 29.06-03.07.2015. Professor Sun is the national leading expert in Hydraulic Structures and Materials in China, specialist in repairing defects of concreate structures. During his visit he introduced the special technologies, construction skills and application of SK brush polyurea in Hydraulic Engineering projects. Sun and his colleagues have accumulated 10-year experience through theoretical research, laboratory testing and real projects in development and application of this material. The results from laboratory testing and field survey indicate the advantages of this materials in several aspects below:

  • aging resistance, anti-seepage and anti-abrasion performance;
  • high strength, high elongation and good bonding with base concrete;
  • good chemical resistance;
  • non-toxic characteristics;
  • good anti-freeze performance;
  • simple and convenient construction.

In addition to the technical visiting CSDI, Professor Sun also visited NTNU and SINTEF in Trondheim. Experts in the Dept. of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, NTNU and SINTEF MARINTEK expressed great interest in application of Polyurea in hydraulic concrete structures and potential collaboration in projects in Norway and other countries, especially in regard to the abrasion problems caused by high speed flows with high percentage of sand or sediment and the long-term effects of this type of material.


Photo shows the meeting at the Dept. of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, NTNU, 01.07. 2015.

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