Exchange knowledge and experience on water pollution control and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems in China and Norway


Seminar, 09 April 2018, Oslo

Exchange knowledge and experience on water pollution control and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems in China and Norway

Seminar address: Forskningsv. 1, 0373 Oslo. Meeting room 4-5, 09:00-13:00.

Seminar description

Rapid and often unplanned urbanization associated with climate change and changes in economic trends and social dynamics are putting urban and peri-urban environments under increasing stress. Impacts of unsustainable developments in Europe and China have led to strong fragmentation of habitats, loss of biodiversity and reduction of ecosystem services. Anthropogenic pressures are increasingly threatening ecosystem functioning and stability, affecting to large extent the quantity and quality of natural resources such as water, air and soil. This results in ecosystem being degraded, cities and communities becoming less resilient to flooding, draughts and pollution, further resulting in negative impacts on human well-being and overall life quality. Climate change is expected to exacerbate these challenges in the future.

The overall pressure on ecosystems in Norway and China is increasing. Many rivers and water bodies are heavily polluted. Degradation of ecosystems leads to reduced ecosystem functioning and weakening of ecosystem services. Biodiversity loss is one of the major challenges the community faces.

Main objective of this seminar is to exchange knowledge and experience on water pollution control and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems in China and Norway, which will be used as fundamental information for future collaboration in these areas.

The seminar is organised by CSDI WaterTech in collaboration with SINTEF Industry (SINTEF), Norwegian Institute for Natural Research (NINA), Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), StormAuqa AS, Norwegian Environment Agency (MD), Bærum Municipality and Research Council of Norway and The Hydrobiology Institute (IHB), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

The seminar is co-financed by H2020 PES project 280277 and Tekna Harald Boes stipend.

The final seminar programme is attached (will be finalized soon).

2. Seminar agenda





Registration and free talk


Welcome and introduction

Linmei Nie, CSDI WaterTech
Huaitian Bu, Juan Yang, SINTEF


Implementation of WFD in Norway- experience and lessons

Anders Iversen, MD


Water management and monitoring Indre Oslofjord West

Ingvild Tandberg, Bærum Kommune


Multi-functional ecosystems for optimization of ecosystem services

Therese Fosholt Moe, NIVA


Innovative technology for clean water.

Huaitian Bu, SINTEF




Monitoring and tools for planning and assessment of the effectiveness of different sustainable solutions

Per Møller-Pedersen, StormAuqa AS


Application of constructed wetland for water pollution control in China

Prof. Zhenbin Wu and Qiaohong Zhou , IHB, CAS, China


Ecological restoration of polluted water bodies in China

Prof.Dongru Qiu, IHB, CAS, China


Ecosystem assessment in urban catchment and a case study in Trondheim

Linmei Nie, CSDI WaterTech


Integrated multi-stressor of water ecosystem, biodiversity, economic valuation and accounting, and public health.

Xianwen Chen, NINA


Materials and nanotechnology for waste water treatment.

Juan Yang, SINTEF


Funding and important issues for SINO-Norwegian collaboration, and H2020.
Questions and answers, suggestions

Per Backe-Hansen, Research Council of Norway


Lunch and free discussion


Further discussion of future collaboration

For those who have such plans.

Seminar closed.

3. Seminar fee

  • Free participation for Master and PhD students.
  • Free participation for CPN and Tekna members.
  • ❗ For those who have registered to the seminar , but not present during the seminar time. A Bill of Kr. 500 will be sent after the seminar.

  • Kr. 500 for non-members. Invoice / Faktura will be sent out after.
  • Registrations are required for all participants. Limited seats are available. First come first served. Registration deadline: April 6th, 12:00 Oslo Time

4. Seminar registration

Registrations are required for all participants.

    CPN or Tekna memberPhD / Master studentOthers

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